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We are an El Dorado County-based network of Bail Bondsmen, operating across California and the wider-USA.


We call El Dorado County home. We proudly serve across California
Sacramento County

California and Nationally

With a national network of operators, Varozza Bail Bonds is able to provide assistance on a country-wide basis.

Sacramento County

Placer County

Located to the East and West of I-80 North of Roseville, Josh and team frequent the county providing bail bonds to their clients.

Sacramento County

Amador County

The County of Amador is located in California and is another core area supported by Varozza Bail Bonds.

Sacramento County

Yolo County

Located in the northern portion of the U.S. state of California, Joshua Varozza Bail Bonds assist residents of towns and cities here such as Davis.

Sacramento County

Sacramento County

Sacramento County is a county in the U.S. state of California. Josh offer bail bonds to the residents of the county and frequently travels to the area.

Sacramento County

El Dorado County

Josh and his team run the business here, providing bail bonds for El Dorado County citizens. El Dorado County, officially the County of El Dorado, is a county located in the U.S. state of California.

Bail Services

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How do bail bonds work?

    After an arrest takes please, the bail schedule is set by the local magistrate. The purpose of the bail charge is to ensure that after being released from custody, the defendant will return for subsequent court appearances. Bail is an insurance policy, designed to ensure that defendants, if released from custody, will appear for court. For a fee, a bail bondsman will secure the full bail amount and act as your liason throughout subsequent court proceedings.For us to take on your case and secure yours or your loved ones release, we will first need some key information, such as the defendant's name, date of birth and where they are being held (jail or city name). Once you have provided us with this information, we will work with you to secure their release by paying the full amount set by the court. Our charge to you will then be 8% or 10%, based on rates set forth by the California Department of Insurance. In some cases, a co-signer or collateral may be required (this will be fully discussed with you). Contact us today and let Joshua Varozza take care of your bail needs.


Here's what some of our clients have to say
  • Customer Testimonails

    Josh is reliable and honest. I highly recommend his services if you or someone you know needs him

    Jeff Zaiser
  • Customer Testimonails

    Extremely reliable, undeniably honest, and helpful above and beyond the call of his profession! If you find yourself in an unexpected bind, Josh is definitely the man for you!!! I was nothing but pleased with my first experience with him (despite the fact it was under horrible circumstances) and proud to say I gained a friend for life!

    Alisa Mayers

Step-by-Step Guide

Let us show you how everything works - it's simple!

1. Provide us with your details

Before we are able to take on your case, we will need key information about you and the defendant (if you are acting on behalf of a friend or loved one). You can either call us or submit your details at the top of this page.

2. Speak with one of our bail bond specialists

Once we have your details, we will assign you to one of our local or national bail bond specialists. They will immediately contact you to get additional information about the circumstances of the bail that you need and answer any quesions that you may have.

3. Make your payment

You will need to pay an 8-10% fee, set by the California Department of Insurance. We offer extremely flexible payment terms (and in some cases, rebates) and understand that the financial aspect of securing bail can be stressful at this difficult time.

4. We'll post bail and secure a release

As soon as the payment is made, we will arrange to visit the jail in-person and make the bail payment on behalf of you. Once the payment is confirmed we will hanble any remaining paperwork and secure the release of your friend or loved one. We will then be able to transport them back home.